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What could be more fun than sharing a good story with a young reader? How about a good reference book? What, you say?! Compare a classic fairy tale with an encyclopedia? Take out Dr. Seuss and put in Webster? Maybe not, but what if facts came in beautifully illustrated volumes that encouraged youngsters to learn about the world and follow their burgeoning interests?

Consider this issue’s Books of Excellence. Infants and toddlers may have their first glimpse of wildlife in Some Babies are Wild. These tiny readers – babies themselves – will gently learn about a variety of species in a way that may very well spark an interest in animals, science, and more. Mama Built a Little Nest is also a book about animals and science. And like Some Babies are Wild, it brings scientific facts back to concepts that children can understand: baby animals and their mamas, birds’ nests and a child’s bed. And what about a book that could bring out the inner da Vinci or Velazquez? Get into Art People may be just the prompt needed to spur an interest in art or in becoming an artist.

It is likely that today’s young readers will get much of their future information from on-line sources that perhaps we can’t even imagine. With a few electronic taps, they will have libraries of information at their fingertips. But touching, holding a book, enjoying the uniqueness of each volume now can create a joy of learning and a portal to new interests. Will reference books replace “Once upon a time….?” Of course not, but fact and fiction can live happily ever after in children’s literature.

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