Dear Parent,

Thank you for visiting¬†Orange Blossom Learning Center, we’re passionate about creating an exciting, fun-filled world of exploration and discovery at our school. We encourage the enthusiastic pursuit of ideas and mastery of new skills through play that will enrich your child’s life.

Learning, after all, should be fun and exciting!

We’ll also work with you, the parent, to give you the tools you need to continue contributing to your child’s development at home.

Why select Orange Blossom?

Orange Blossom Learning Center provides children with a nurturing environment, while incorporating a well-rounded curriculum which includes phonics, language development, science, computer usage, physical education, and ample extra curricular activities such as music, drama, yoga, ceramics and much more.

Orange Blossom also provides parents an opportunity to stay connected with their children all day through the Webcam program.

Your child is going to love Orange Blossom Learning Center and you will too.

– Administration